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. . . . To Whom It May Concern: "I understand that George Cofran, The Web Guy, is submitting a proposal to [ ....]. I highly recommend George for this position. He does excellent work, and is very involved in the community. I was so thrilled last spring when he offered to create a website for my annual [community] project, and link it with the Hill Country Portal on the internet. It was a real gift to get that kind of advertising and exposure as a contribution to the project. George is a great person. I hope to see him doing great things for the Chamber's website."

Sincerely, Laura Turner, President, Absolute Tax Inc, Marble Falls, TX

"When George Cofran started to work on my website, it was, to say the least, lackluster. Vital information was missing, and there was nothing to make a visitor to the website keep clicking on the options to find what was there. All that has changed now. It looks professional and enticing, and includes everything necessary to do the job for which it was intended-- acquainting people with the books I have written, and stirring interest. I recommend George to anyone who needs expert help on their website."

Suzanne Morris, Author,

To Whom it May Concern Regarding George Cofran, "The Web Guy"

"We asked George to help us update our web site, as we have no interest nor time to devote to that job. He jumped right on the task and worked hard to get our site as current as possible, with the information that we have been able to provide him. His fees are very reasonable and his input has added great value to our business. We will be eager to have him update it in the future, as we are able to feed him more information about our business. Thanks, "Web Guy"! "

Patty Elliott, Account Manager, Third Planet Industries, Johnson City, TX

"To Whom It Might Concern Regarding George Cofran, The Web Guy"

"George Cofran's mini-web site displayed an interesting display for The Environmental Board which allowed the community to understand and know about The Johnson City Recycling Center and their efforts toward helping our city to appreciate what the recycling meant and related the importance of being a city that worked together to be an environmentally responsible community. The mini web-site is very professionally displayed and the information is graphically interesting and also he also displays many min-web-site pages which helps businesses, organizations and many calendar events. Visitors are able to view good information to see what Johnson City, Texas represents and people can easily follow his expertly designed web page and when moving through, he displays truthful, heartfelt expressions which made you feel he drew from past experiences and always did an excellent job of relating and working with people. He easily directed people, from page to page, in order for them to see what happens in our city. His professionalism focused on the importance of presenting mini-web pages, web sites that many are able to relate to while moving easily through the sites. I appreciated your capability and willingness to all and you were always helpful and interested in what we were doing."

Vanessa Luce, Secretary, Johnson City Environmental Advisory Council,

To Whom It Might Concern Regarding George Cofran, The Web Guy This is a recommendation for you to use George Cofran's company to do your web-site.

"I'm secretary for the Board of Directors or the Crested Butte Search and Rescue Team. In that capacity I'm the one who works with George to keep our web-site up to date and to make changes to the site to make it work for us. We are a team of approximately 40 members who volunteer to do search and rescue in the rugged mountains of Western Colorado. We get called when the Gunnison County Sheriff decides the 911 call requires our expertise in back country search or rescue. Since most of our members work at other jobs, they have little time to spend on administrative task needed to keep in touch and to remain trained in our specialized skills. We use our web site as the primary means of keeping in touch. The site has our training schedule and other important pages that help the team know what's going on. The site has to be simple to use because many of our members are physical laborers and not computer jockey's. Our site works for us. It's easy to use.

Since I'm George's primary contact for making changes it is also important for changes to be easy for me. I'm a retired beer salesman and am somewhat technology challenged. George and I work well together despite my lack of ability with computers. We get the job done without my having to learn a lot and without wasting my valuable play time do do administrative task of maintaining a web site.

In addition to maintaining the site, George also makes recommendations on how to get more out of the site. Since I have been secretary we have implemented several changes recommended by George. These changes have made our task easier, or have improved how we operate.

If you need to develop a web-site, or improve the one you have, I recommend George's company. Please contact me at the following address if you want additional input."

Charlie Dumas, Secretary, Crested Butte Colorado Search & Rescue, Crested Butte, CO

"George... I appreciate your updating my website, Not only were you creative, but you got the job done in a timely manner and very cost effective. You might consider training some of my other vendors. Thanks again for a job well done. Respectfully,"

Eric Roemer, Owner, Wooden Nickel Restaurant & Bar, Crested Butte, CO

To whom it may concern,

"I have used the services of George Cofran as my "WEB GUY" for the past several months. I have found his services to be prompt, knowledgeable, priced fairly and with a good sense of design and usability. Further I will and do recommend him to anyone who has need of his services. Many Regards,". Johnson City, TX. Steve Matthews, Owner/Broker

"I have been asked to write a referral for George Cofran Web Services.

About a year ago I started working with George to develop a web-site for The First United Methodist Church in Johnson City. I am their secretary. I didn't know anything about web-site development. George has been very professional from the onset. We gave him some rough ideas to begin with and very shortly thereafter he got an address for us and developed our web pages. We then worked to improve it by have a meeting with several church members and critiqued it. It was great to have George close by so we could meet easily. He took those critiques and made more improvements. I don't have time to constantly update our web-site. I email George all the time with changes, updates, improvements and he responds within hours. A lot of times members email me something and I just forward it on to George. Every week I email him a copy of our bulletin and monthly I email him a copy of our newsletter and calendar. The newsletter is done in publisher, but he converts it to word in case viewers don't have publisher. He did this on him own. This has been a great blessing to me as I don't have time to do the things George does for us. If we have an important message to get out to our congregation he will put a flashing marquee on the first page. George has added some links from our site to give people more information than we thought we could have on our site, like our disaster response group information, and links with our conference, and even put a link for a daily devotion on there for us that many people use everyday. George is more than our web guy; he is a member of our community and is an experienced business man. We have had very positive comments about our site and people have even told us it was the way they "found" us. We are very happy with his service at a reasonable cost. Sincerely,"

JoAnn Routh, First United Methodist Church, Johnson City, TX. 830-868-7414. Email:, < href="" target="_blank">

To Whom It Might Concern Regarding George Cofran, The Web Guy

"I have no reservations in wholeheartedly recommending George Cofran as a professional website developer. When the Crested Butte Fire Protection District decided to create its first website, I enthusiastically volunteered to lead the project. I enjoy being a computer geek, and after reading about Macromedia's Dreamweaver web creation software, I figured that the website-building process couldn't be any more difficult or time consuming than the programming I used to do. Within days of immersing myself in the project, however, I realized that creating a professional-looking website takes a professional web developer. George Cofran is just that, and I am grateful that we found him. Once George built our website, I thought that simply updating and adding to it would be a less difficult and less time-intensive task. We found that, too, best left to our responsible, caring professional. It was a battle each time we tried to get back into the software program, and the whole update process usually was much delayed and not as professional as would be expected from an expert who does this for a living. That is why we rely on George to manage this function for us. We simply e-mail George a rough idea of what we want changed or added, and he interprets and updates the site quickly, often within hours. He always has additional creative ideas to improve our web site and create a polished final product. We couldn't do the web without him. If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me. Respectfully,"

Ross Orton, CBFPD EMS Coordinator, Crested Butte, CO.

To Whom It Might Concern Regarding George Cofran, The Web Guy

I, Scott Diddell, President of Tru-Colors Inc., having zero knowledge or wants of starting up a web page stating our business, was convinced by George Cofran of why I needed a web page into today's market. Since I had no prior experience in building web pages I turned over all designs and layouts to George. Within the first day/days George had Tru-Colors up and running and he continually pushed Tru-Colors by wanting more documents/pictures etc .... His follow-up and adding to the webpage is extremely fast plus he responds afterwards to make sure you liked what he did. George not only develops and maintains web pages but he also develops business relationships with each client. I can tell you that If you are searching for a web designer, stop searching and and let George take it from here, he's thorough, fast, helpful, and cost effective."

Scott Diddell, President, Tru-Colors Interior, Houston, TX, (713) 545-3741


"We just opened a new public showroom and retail store. So, it has been a very busy period for us. We knew we needed a web site but didn't have time or talent to do it ourselves. We were introduced to George, and the story he told sounded too good, so we were skeptical but went ahead anyway because of our pressing business need. We found George to be a delight to work with. He is very knowledgeable and skilled in web work and small business needs. He lived up to his commitment and his charges are entirely reasonable. We trust him with our on-going web maintenance and are proud of our web site which helps bring in new business. We definitely would come to George if we had it to do over again. George is much more than just a talented web guru, he is a very experienced and effective business coach. He easily understands and translates our business needs into appropriate web material. George offers many business suggestions that are broader than the web site itself, dealing with our image, promotion, advertising, planning, inventory management, accounting, credit cards and other aspects of successfully running a small business. The old expression: "Let George Do It" is appropriate. He is very creative. He gets the job done and the result is very cost-effective. Wish all my service arrangements were so good! Thanks George."Jim Cook, Owner, Johnson City, TX

Note: More testimonials are available. Please contact us and let's discuss what you have in mind for a web site and support services.

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